Love yourself and life to the fullest.

Love yourself and life to the fullest; because to it is a necessity for creation. Defining our injuries to the fact that we have it no more. We learned that life is simple. If you want it to be fun and adventurious; that it shall be. With renewed minds, hearts, and spirit. We share beautiful stories and create magnificent memories. With new life we can continue to help, aspire, encourage, and growth all. That is what it is about. Tell yourself thank you for living, tell your family thank you for living, tell someone that you don't know yet, thank you for living. Tell God thank you for living, tell creation thank you for living; because it is a necessity. This is how love continues to grow positively, creatively, lovingly in abundance and fruitful manner. That is how you sow and wreap on good strong, firm grounds. As we continue throughout our lives together, let's create the most beautiful and elegant story of them all. These ones shall be reality. Use your creative artistic imagination and have fun. Thank you for choosing life. Choosing others. Choosing God. Choosing love. Smile Brightly & Aspire All. Thank You For Living. Daughter & Father