All Things Are Possible; With You.

Great Wonderful Evening. All things are possible with you; because I am a living witness of it being so. From death to life and again three times. It is so. The journey taught me that.... Life is simple and all things are possible. If it wasn't you wouldn't be reading this now. In 2010 in the summer of June, my life was reconstructed just by me telling God before I went to work that I did not want to work for anyone else any more. Oh boy did he answer that prayer (hours later that day); true to this day I don't work for anyone else. Was the path rough and tough, yes. However, it did not define me, I defined it. I can say that I am free from all pain, hurt, anger, and all negitive fellings and emotions. By totally letting go of that path and deciding to continue to live and start a new path and journey. A journey of light, life, and love. A new book to help assit and aspire all to let go of the path of stuck. And piviot to a new direction, a new clean slate that you deserve. You have to determine and decree it. No more shall you fight yourself; however; love yourself. You have more love in you than you show. Show it; because it is a necessity to us all, yes that includes all creation. Thank you all for living. Love always; and never judge. Continuously thank all creation for living. Smile brighter and wider; because that is how his love grows...Brighter and Wider.

Thank You For Living, D&F, Daughter & Father

Story inspired by Kristy Ames.

Smile Brighter & Aspire All