Celebrate Anyhow!!!!

That's right, celebrate anyhow. It does not matter your age, gender, race, nor path, celebrate anyhow. You might think that I just might be out of my mind to celebrate anyhow. That is exactly why you need to get out of your mind, and celebrate anyhow. Get out of that negitive thinking about yourself, and celebrate you. You are the one that matter. You are the one that makes a difference. You are the one that needs to celebrate you. You might think what if she/he is abusing me, how am I suppose to celebrate anyhow? I am so glad you asked. You celebrate by removing yourself from out of that path of life. Celebrate within or loudly to yourself by saying...."Yes, I am worth more than this." "Yes, my life is worth living." "Yes, I shall make a better example of myself to myself and to those that does/does not exist. To tell and show them that we are worth being greater than those that existed before us." And accomplish it with action. Then you forgive. Forgive yourself for choosing that path of life. Forgive yourself for believing that is what love is. Forgive the other person for not knowing what love is. Forgive yourself and them for allowing abuse to be accepted. It is a choice that you are going to have to make on your own. You do not need anyone to comfim it for you, you already did. That voice that you hear...."Man/Boy/Women/Girl, you know better than this." "How did I ever end up like this?" "What would my__(you fill in the blank) think of me, if they seen me like this?" " Why do I keep allowing them do this to me?" "I deserve better than this." That is yourself telling you to run, leave, and act spontaneously. As Pirate Captin Pirate said, "It's only impossible, if you stop and think about it." I can tell you this because I had past experiences when I didn't consider myself worthy and this is how I allowed others to treat me. Here are a few examples that others do not need to experience. Please, learn from the path that I gave up on. Once, I had my child smacked out of my arms while breastfeeding, I instantly got my son and I ran for our lives for many countless years. I got beat down for someone thinking that I looked through their phone. Being abused for taking too long in the bathroom. Bullied in school for wearing long skirts and non name brands. I had a head injury for not wanting to talk to, let alone, go out with someone. This is the path that I want you to give up on, as well. Choose a positive, loving, creative, God loving path. You deserve it. I had to get out of my own negitive thoughts, feelings, and emotions about myself and start loving myself. The love that I was seeking was right inside of me the whole time. I just had to stop and acknowledge it. Respect it. Love it. Cherish it. As well as, forgive myself and all those that I allowed to hurt me. I had to forgive myself for hurting others. For not loving them in a way that I should of, by not being there in the first place. For not listening to myself early on when I said, " Girl/Women, this is not helping you accomplish any of your goals." I had to celebrate me, by loving and repecting myself and others. I am telling all of you this because I am tired of all of the recycling/upcycling abuse that is going on. Just love. Love is way more than intercourse. Love is exactly what it says...love. Love is more than the defined word, love. It is opening up the door for others, because you want to (and that it is the right thing to do). Giving someone a hot meal because it was in your heart to do, without any malicious intention. Not belittling nor destroying creation. Letting someone else talk and you actually listen to them, especially if it is a positive conversation. We all need to love each other and stop separating ourselves from the opposite gender. We need to have more male and female (as well as family) events and conferences. Men and women encouraging, building, supporting, and strengthening each other. Being a real role model for the younger and wiser generations. So I am going to celebrate anyhow, because I know we shall see togetherness. Celebrate your positive thinking about yourself and others anyhow. As well as, accompishing it with action. There was a song that we sung in church that went like this....Never, never let your problems get you down. When problems come your way, just lift your hands to the Lord and say. Hallelujah, anyhow. I believe that this song is saying that, if we keep focusing on our problems that is how much longer they will stay. If we solve our problem, remove it with action, and completely let it go. Just as quick we lift our hands to the Lord, that is how fast they shall leave forever. Hallelujah & Celebrate Anyhow. Focus on what you really want, and enjoy the spreading of love. Continue to share your smile; because its radiance effect us all in a positive, creative, artistic manner. Remember to thank all of creation for living, that includes mankind.

Story shared and written by Kristy Ames

Thank You All For Living.

Kristy & John T Ames Jr. | CEO

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Smile Brighly & Aspire All