How to look past all pain, hurt, and failures from within ourselves.

Being able to help others is our sole mission. To do that, we have to help ourselves in a forgiving, loving, and respectable manner. That's right you have to forgive yourself, even if you was/wasn't in the wrong. Forgive in order to heal. I do know this is accomplishable; because I had to forgive the very same person that caused traumatic pain in my life. Forgiving him healed me many in ways that I didn't even know that was possible. It litterally healed me to love. So, it is possible. Love yourself with the same intent you want to receive love, you know, the love that you are seeking in others. Yeah, that love. Little do you know (better yet, to remind you) that the very same love that you seek abides right within yourself. If you only love yourself that much; that much more love can spread among us all. Now to respect. In order to receive respect you have to give respect, right, now apply that same respect to yourself. That is how others shall respect you; because you respect yourself. Respect yourself to eat, dress, live, read, think, breathe, sow, and even speak correctly(to name a few). Remember, our childeren are only mimicking what we are doing. So if you don't want them to embarrass you, then don't embarrass yourself. If you apply these in your life daily, you shall see the world heal in a possitive, creative, artistic, manner. We are only a few days into the new year. Don't wait for this year to pass in order to start. Start now. Challenge yourself now. Heal yourself now. Forgive yourself now. Respect yourself now. Love yourself now. We love you; most imporatanly you love you. Remember to spread your love; because its radiance shall heal us all.

Thank You All For Living. Forgive, Love, and Respect YourSelf. Smile Brightly & Aspire All