To Be, or Not To Be

To be myself, or to be what others want me to be? That is the question. I truly love myself, however, being myself is not what people want. Should I dissolve myself to be what they want to be? Or should I continue to be my unique, silly, creative, artistic, happy self? People want me to be more of that, or less of that which leaves me to be confused without their concern or care. I totaly understand that you have to change for the better of you, however, not for the better of others. What you want me to be is leaving me to be alone, sad, frightend, and NOT HAPPY. Yes, you can be happy all the time. Yes you can make your self laugh, reguardless if others laugh or not. You can choose not to argue over really really dumb things/stuff. You can be all positive. You can play, laugh, cry, without anything/anyone doing anything to you. Being you to the highest power is what it truly about. Not what others want you to be. Be who you are becoming. I love me. I love my silly, funny, creative, unique, and happy self. Do you love you? Do you love who you are becoming? If not change for the better; FOR YOU. Continue to share your beautiful smile; because it ignites us all to spread more love. Thank You All For Living.

Words by Kristy Ames