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2420 Byron Street
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Defining family with one of a kind pieces. 

Prayer Works

Deep Blue Treasure Collection

Each of these jewelry sets was hand designed with you in mind.

Our inspiration comes from our adventures, senses, everyday life experiences, or even things that we imagine. Yes, there has been non inspirational moments, however, when those moments occur we just let go our hands and God do the creating. 

We were all born to create. So get out of your comfort zone; and let's create. 

Thank You For Living!


Prayer Works

Prayer Works.png
Prayer Works.png

Prayer Works


 Prayer Works! 

Prayer Works multi jewelry set includes 3 individual set that collectively that works together with prayers; because it works. Prayer Works, is designed with a.... 

                                          ~ 14" necklace crafted with beautiful water ocean eye capturing stones that are called aqua blue cat eye prayer beads and aligned with jet stones.

                                            ~15" necklace is designed with jet stones, aqua blue stones, a jet fire polished stones.

                                           ~18" necklace is designed with amethyst coned shaped stones is centered with crystals, wired with jet stones, and charmed with an antique copper tone tree of life flying freely with accents of creation joys. A 8 1/2" bracelet that designed with jet stones, amethyst a cone like stone, and crystals. Along with 3 1/2" earrings that is designed with amethyst cone stones and crystals.

This eccentric piece can an be worn individually or collectively together as shown here. Get in tune with your creative unique freedom of expression of How Prayer Works! Prayer Works will also will be packaged in a one of a kind hand designed custom treasure box; because you deserve it. Remember to always thank yourself for living; as well as, unlocking your treasure. Be spontaneously creative. Jewelry was intended to be seen. Thank You For Living.

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