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2420 Byron Street
Richmond, VA, 23223
United States


Defining family with one of a kind pieces. 


Divine Water Treasure Collection

This collection is to the one that gifted us with these amazing gifts and talents. When we think that we can't;  he guides our hands and hearts to knowing that we can. We are truly honored to be chosen to be used as a vessel to inspire along with encouraging all of creation with action. Continue to spread your hearts desired love; it is a necessity to all creation.

Thank yourself for living.



Goldn' Cross.png
Goldn' Cross.png



 Success is more than a feeling, it is a tangible item such as.... The mountain pile high of laundry that is beyond  tiding up into completion. It is also like, doing something that you never did it before and learn it as if your life depended on it like, encouraging as well as teach and aspire someone to finish that dusted gift and talent and give life to it with action, along with others in a positive way, This historic set includes a 26" necklace that is designed with jet fire polish stones, Egyptian crystal, gold stones, aligned with antique gold pillar spacers, and charmed with an ancient detailed gold cross. A 8" bracelet designed with Egyptian crystals with antique gold caps and charmed with a gold cross. Success will be packaged with a custom designed treasure box. Because you earned it. Continue to inspire; because it is necessary to all of creation. Thank yourself for living, as well as, unlocking your treasure. 

Thank You for Living.

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