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2420 Byron Street
Richmond, VA, 23223
United States


Defining family with one of a kind pieces. 

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With both eyes shut wide open to the senses of the world guiding each of our steps, by the vibration of sound. We all have a story, how do we save them all from the roads we once traveled. Fully sited or not those were lessons well learned to move forward towards our ambitions, our future that we painted so perfectly in mind. We are WEros. We are not of own our own, however, a useful positive resourceful guide to help those from their own clouded minds. Let's join together and renew the minds and thoughts of the mended. 

Thank You For Living, WEros.

Great Gorgeous Day!!! Welcome to D&F Handcrafted Jewelry. We are going to be talking to you about being "Stuck on being for real". This will be a few mini series. Our goal is to get you to realize and understand that you are bigger then you actually think and see yourself (intellectually speaking). You do matter. Your life is worth living. So, enjoy life and appreciate yourself along with others. Continue to share your smile; it ignites us all to spread more love. Thank you all for living.