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2420 Byron Street
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Defining family with one of a kind pieces. 

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Getting To Know, D&F, Daughter & Father

Time to get your fresh brewed tea and sit by the crackling fireplace; to enjoy the beautiful story of them all...Getting To Know, D&F, Daughter & Father. 

Smile Brightly & Be Aspired.

D&F Handcrafted Jewelry, LLC

Crafting families; with one of a kind treasures.


 Seven years and counting of aspiring all creation....

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We are D&F, Daughter & Father, we were born in the year of two thousand and ten. In the summer that changed our lives for the best. It is the sweetest story of them all. Not knowing the expected time nor date, our birth we came out abruptly, like no one knew to expect us. We were birth not to only to be displayed; however, to aspire all to be an aspiration along with others in a positive, loving, artistic, fun, and adventurous way ever!!!! To give you the God's honest truth, life is simple. If you want it to be fun and adventurous that it shall be. At the age ten we enjoy creating the sweetest taste of the fully grown and matured Dandelion. Baking, crafting, singing, musically inclined to magically intertwining music notes, capturing a beautiful moment on film or treasures displayed around. Designing homes to nails. Curating workshops and tea parties. Each day we have take a moment to thank creation for living and embracing each moment it shares with us all. Our gifts and talents were proudly given to us by our creator, that we give thanks and praises to. We are honored to have been on many runway stages pivoting, magazine articles read by discovers, and across the airwaves of interviews seen and heard. Daughter & Father share many talents with all to help encourage, aspire, and plant growing seed to all. Because it is our mission to. To help all. Heal all. Bless all. To Love All. Remembering to love always and to never judge have been a very helpful guidance along with grace, faith, love, kindness, life, light, and peace; harmoniously.  These are the beautiful stories and memories that is more valuable for sharing. These stories shall help all creation. Thank yourself, others, God, and creation for living; it is the way how love continues to grow. Continuous Peace & Blessings to all creation. Smile Brightly  & Aspire All. We look forward towards sharing beautiful stories and memories with you all. Be artistically creative in your style of treasures. Jewelry wasn't intended to be worn; it was intended to be seen.

Thank You For Living.

D&F, Daughter & Father.

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Thank you for unlocking your treasure.


Beauty Is Everywhere. Just take time out your day and enjoy the beauty of the earth.


    Thank You For Living!