Bringing the imaginary to life.

Have you ever thought of something that could be brought to life? Well you can with action. All you have to do is think about what you really want to achieve, write down how can you accomplish it, and finally act on your list of how. Watch your accomplishments come to life with action. I will share a personal example with you. I wanted to have a tea party and I didn't know where to start at. All I did was write "Tea Party" at the top of the page, circled the word "How" in the center of the page, and began writing everthing that came to my mind. I didn't have a whole converesation in my mind; I just wrote it all down. From the venue, cost, promotion, to door prizes (and more). Do you know with in 24 hours I had a venue booked and the following month our "Tea Party" was a success. I had to act on my hows, if not it would still be a thought in my mind. So committ to yourself in achiveing something that you had always wanted to do or even accomplish asomething new. I believe in you; most importantly you believe in you.

Thank you all for living. Kristy Ames D&F Handcrafted Jewelry, LLC 9/14/2018