A Child Is Born

A New Life Is Born

On January 8, 2019 at 3:34am a majestic sound came from out of me Peace, is his name. A state of calm overwhelmed the delivery room with gladness. Although the lights was off and the only sight of light was this pure being now laying on my chest; greeting me with his eyes. A warm feeling of compassion and love filled my entire body. When he cried his first cry, I too cried the same cry. I wanted his pain to cease immediately. I wanted him to feel the same joy as if he was back in my womb. As he began to adapt to this cold, unwatered filled of a world now called home, with two beautiful people now running at his every beacon coo. He stretches out, feed from the overflowing sea of my breast, to now time aging so well. With every nurse and doctor telling him to be a certain weight and temperature he tells them.... I am me. I am the way that my God made me to be. I may appear small and cold, however, I am strong and filled with the purest peace and love of them all. Let me do as I do...grow and bring peace to this unforgiving world that you all so care so much for, not even giving it the love and attention it needs. So, I have come to give it peace. A state of tranquility and to not fight back with Mother Nature and all of her children. As am here to do my job, you do yours. Let’s clean up this world that was given to us out of love and respect. Take out the trash and expose as much pure love, joy, happiness, and peace that we all can with honesty and togetherness. I love you, now you need to love you and each other. Peace.

Kristy Ames D&F Handcrafted Jewelry, LLC 2/3/19