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2420 Byron Street
Richmond, VA, 23223
United States


Defining family with one of a kind pieces. 


Stone Age Collection

This mined universe is fruitful, just like you. As these rocks are being discovered each day with intensive details, just as you should be with your own being, as well as,  all of creation.  Be like a rock. Strong. Changeable beauty, never masked, naturally beautiful. Exist.

Thank You For Living.





Rockfli is designed with various stones and rocks. Here are a few examples. 15" necklace that is crafted with red agate, grey agate stones, along with red adventurine natural, golden jade natural, carnelian, mood stone, and labradorite chips. That is centered with double platinum purple stones enter twined with a copper tone ancient wings and butterfly freely charmed. 8'' bracelet designed with golden jade, carnelian, grey agate, mood stone, red adventurine, and labradorite chips. 9" bracelet crafted with red agate,mood stone, grey agate, and double platinum purple stones aligned with red agate labradorite, golden jade, mood stone, grey agate natural chips. Oh yes, and the single strand 2 1/2" earrings are crafted with grey agate, labradorite, mood stone, and golden natural chips. A rock full, right. Rockfli will be packaged in a custom personalized treasure box, because they both were intended just for you. Remember to thank yourself for living, as well as, unlocking your treasure. Thank You For Living.d

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